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Leylak Extending Table

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  • Description
    9BYM51 Lilac Extending Kitchen Table

    -Table top; It is made of anti-carcinogenic, anti-allergic E1 European standards, resistant to scratches and impacts, in 75x125 cm size.
    The edges of the laminated chipboard are covered with PVC.
    -Elongated table size 75x185 Lower table bases; It is carried by 51 nickel-plated pipe feet placed on a steel construction skeleton. (also mounted)
    -feet; It is obtained by conicing the 51 diameter steel pipe and then coating it with nickel. (disassembled)
    -Table Height is 75 cm.
    -Special color orders can be taken.
    -2 years warranty
    -Products are also sent as assembled.

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