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Karanfil Werzalit Round - Çırağan Table Set (Q90)

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    9BYM40WRKRQ90 Karanfil Werzalit Square Table -Table top; Anti-carcinogenic, anti-allergic, scratch and impact resistant werzalite sheet produced in E1 European standards, 90N c round size. -feet; It is obtained by welding a 8.mm sheet metal plate under the pipe consisting of -76 mm width and 1.5 mm thickness and coating with chromium-nickel stainless sheet. (also mounted) -Adjustable bingo plastic feet on the sheet under the feet.. -Table height is 75 cm. -Special color orders can be taken. -2 years warranty -Products are also shipped assembled. 9BYS6ESB Çırağan ESB Chair -The lower leg of the skeleton; It consists of welding a 28 x 1.2 mm steel pipe profile on a 15x25 1.2 mm profile, coating it with yellow chromenickel, and then firing and varnishing. -Back part; It is formed by mounting the steel carcass made of 19 diameter pipe profile on MDF, then covered with sponge and laying leather or fabric. - Decorative ring -1. grade nickel plated -Seat part; Chipboard, sponge and leather were placed on the steel carcass respectively and furnished. -Dimensions: Seat height: 45 cm, Seat width: 50 cm, Back Height: 96 cm m Depth: 50 - Special color orders can be obtained. -2 years warranty -Products are shipped de-assembled... -Werzalit; Houses, tourist facilities, tea gardens, restaurants, patisseries, hospitals and cafeterias, etc. It is a material that you can reliably use in open and closed areas, in short, wherever you live… -Werzalit table, which offers its customers pleasure and comfort together with its ability to be made in different patterns and usability in every area, can be cleaned and stacked easily. -Lively and modern products are demanded in cafes and social areas built today, and werzalit is the undisputed leader in this regard. -Werzalit table tops (werzalit table tops), which are formed by thinning Werzalit chipboard wood into sawdust, mixing with glue and chemical substances, shaping at high pressure and temperature, coating their surfaces with decorative papers, are a product that is manufactured completely in presses. -There is no PVC tape around the edges. -Werzalit table is a product that can be used indoors as well as outdoors. It is the most comfortable and most economical product that can be used in cafes, hotels, restaurants, especially outdoors. We are always there for you even after we deliver the product. If there is a situation that does not satisfy you after the delivery, it is enough to inform us within 14 days. We start the solution process for you immediately and ensure your satisfaction as soon as possible. By producing directly from the factory, we send your product to our customers within 9 working days.
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