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Laminat Masa Tablası (Q80)

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  • Description
    Laminate Table Top (Q80)

    18 mm mdf is compressed on 30 mm chipboard, side thickening is done, and the table is obtained with 48-49 mm edge thickness. It is laminated overlay.

    What are Laminate Top Table Features?

    - Resistant to water and moisture

    -Antibacterial and Hygienic


    - Carbon emissions are at the lowest level

    -Installation is practical

    -Easy to use

    - Its appearance is aesthetic

    -It is decorative

    -Maintenance free

    -No need for an extra building element

    -It is resistant to impact, scratching, water and humidity, and humidity.

    -No dirt and easy to clean



    - Laminate veneer table tops; Houses, tourist facilities, tea gardens, restaurants, patisseries, hospitals and cafeterias, etc. indoor, outdoor, briefly lived

    It is a material that you can use with confidence anywhere…

    -The laminate table, which can be made in different patterns and can be used in all areas, offers its customers pleasure and comfort together, can be cleaned and stacked easily.

    - Refining Werzalit chipboard wood into sawdust and mixing it with glue and chemical substances, shaping it at high pressure and temperature,

    werzalit table tops (werzalit table tops), which are formed by coating their surfaces with decor papers, are a product that is produced completely in presses.

    -Laminate tape is tightened around the edges.

    Laminate table is a product that can be used indoors as well as outdoors. It is the most comfortable and most economical product that can be used in cafes, hotels, restaurants, especially outdoors.


    – 80x160 – 120x120 – 110x110 – 100x100 – 90x90 – 80x80x – 70x70x – 60x60 – Q60 – Q70 – Q80 – Q90 – Q100 – Q110 – Q120
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