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Satin Fabric

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  • Description
    Satin Fabric is 140 cm (± 3%) wide and is sold by the metre. It represents a meter.
    Satin is a type of weaving; It is a smooth, very shiny and slippery surface fabric. The threads are woven very tightly on each other and on both sides of the fabric. When it comes to satin, plain, smooth, soft, draped, shiny fabrics woven with threads suitable for this character should come to mind. Satin fabric has a shiny and slippery texture; It is an extremely elegant weaving with varieties such as cotton, wool and silk. The biggest feature of satin fabric is that it has a glossy structure that is not matte. Satin fabric, which is used in many areas due to its shine and softness, exhibits a very stylish stance in many products, due to its different texture and bright appearance from other fabrics.
    The difference of satin woven weave from other basic weaves is that the connections in the knitting report are distributed without touching each other. At least 5 different movements are needed in order to distribute the connections in the knitting structure without touching each other. Therefore, the smallest unit report consists of 5 wefts and 5 warps. Satin weaves are one-sided. In other words, if one side of the fabric is glossy, the other side is matte. Satin weaves are symbolized by the letter S. Satin fabric, which has many types, differs according to the frequency of weaving during its production. Silk satin, which has a higher weaving density than other types, provides a very high quality appearance to shirts and evening dresses. Cotton satin, on the other hand, is a fabric that is generally preferred in shirts, tops, pajamas, nightgowns and bedding sets. It is widely used in dress fabrics, kitchen cloths, tablecloths, bed and quilt covers, etc. consisting of straygarn and worsted. Free and crepe satin types are very soft and shiny satin fabric types. Satin fabrics with a high amount of silk are expensive fabrics that are preferred in many areas for elegance and aesthetic appearance. One of the areas where satin fabric is used the most is scarves.

    Return and Exchange: Since it is not possible to sell the fabric cut in meters under 10 meters, even as a spot product, it is NOT possible to RETURN AND EXCHANGE the fabrics cut under 10 meters.
    Quantity: The quantity option represents meters. (1 piece of 1 meter, 2 pieces of 2 meters...)WARNING: Fabric and leather shots are taken in our photography studio, and colors are matched in digital environment by comparing one-to-one.
    Colors may still appear 1 or 2 tones dark or light depending on your screen settings.
    Since upholstery fabric is used a lot, our company, which has the opportunity to test it, finds the opportunity to sell this product by trying it.
    It sells and uses upholstery fabric, upholstery leather, artificial leather, soho fabric, dallas fabric, quality upholstery fabric, wipeable upholstery fabric.
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